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mutya keisha siobhan: Amelle Berrabah about MKS


Are you looking forward to hearing what the original Sugababes are going to come out with?

Do you know what, yeah I am! I’ve got no bad blood; I’m not someone who’s like that. No, I think they’re all very talented. It’s interesting ‘cos I haven’t heard anything from Siobhan in…

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Adam J feat. Amelle & Nightcrashers - Love Is All We Need *Lyric Video*


YES AMELLE!!!!!!! 

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Sugababes singer Amelle Berrabah has revealed that she has almost completed work on her debut solo album.

The star confirmed she plans to put out her LP in summer, adding that she has ‘poured her heart and soul’ into the project. “Well, my kind-of deadline is the summer, so I’m due to release in the summer,” she told No White Noise“I was supposed to release a little earlier but I think since it’s my first solo project, like really by myself, I’ve been sort of a perfectionist. I want to be completely ready. “I think at the moment everything has been falling into place perfectly, so it’s looking like its definitely going to be this summer. I literally can’t wait to get performing again.”

Berrabah also admitted that releasing the record in America would be “literally a dream come true”, adding: “it’s always in the forefront of conversation in my meetings and stuff with the label, so, well, I’ll make sure it happens. “It’s definitely something I’ve put my whole heart and soul into, so I’m going to really push and really hope for success over there. I really do.” 

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Sugababes - Hot Under The Collar (Unreleased)

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